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woman applies lip balm to lip


ChapStick and Abreva Get Behind the Mask

By Debbi Greene Barer      •     1 min read

Haleon relieves chapped lips for our frontline healthcare heroes

We’ve all heard about, and helped with, the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the front line. Many companies have stepped up to provide masks and other items, but the Haleon consumer healthcare experts learned that there’s another issue: by wearing a mask all day long while talking to patients and peers, shift after shift, and being diligent in not removing it, healthcare professionals are getting chapped lips.


Small Products, Big Impact

To help provide a bit of relief, the Haleon Lip Care team coordinated a donation of thousands of ChapStick and Abreva samples to 12 high-impact areas, including New York, Michigan, California, Washington, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, and Maryland. With their long-time personal and professional relationships, our teams can directly connect with hospitals and other healthcare facilities hit hard by COVID-19.  


Another Way to Help Our Heroes

Sometimes the little things, like chapped lips or cold sores, can make an already challenging situation, miserable. We’re glad to have products that can provide relief, as small thanks to all the healthcare heroes who are tirelessly working to keep us safe.